After a long blogging hiatus I’m back with a fun reveal on two beautiful vintage cane barrel chairs. Caned chairs have been in the midst of a design moment for quiet a while. And for good reason. Their elegant rounded shape and the intricate detailing of the caning make these chairs equal parts chic, rustic and so very French! A trifecta of design. Purchasing a new one of these beauties will set you back quite a few. I came across a beautiful… Read more »

Not sure how it is in your family, but around here Christmas cards are a lot of work! No one (except me) ever wants to take the picture for the card. Lots of kicking and screaming and itching especially from my boys. And all I’m ever really asking them to wear are jeans for the love! Sweatpants and Under Armor are not Christmas card attire. Some time around Thanksgiving I start thinking about what the card should look like, I wait… Read more »

Don’t you just love the smell of Christmas? Everyone has their own version of what combination of fragrances make up that wonderful holiday smell. For me it was and is a live tree in the house, vanilla and cinnamon swirling around the kitchen on Christmas cookie baking day and the sweet smell of oranges, that a vendor always sent my dad a big bag of from Florida during the holidays. Those aromas can instantly trigger the nostalgia of my childhood Christmases and for a fleeting… Read more »

This is it! My first blog post! Hope to keep good content coming  to all you design loving, DIYing, nest fluffing lovely people out there! So like everyone else in the free world I’ve always loved the Restoration Hardware stain, natural looking with a washed bleachy grayish wash. However when I was in the actual Restoration Hardware store last week, the store seemed to be going in a new direction. Very minimal, streamline, sleek, it definitely felt more Mid Century then rustic! … Read more »