After a long blogging hiatus I’m back with a fun reveal on two beautiful vintage cane barrel chairs. Caned chairs have been in the midst of a design moment for quiet a while. And for good reason. Their elegant rounded shape and the intricate detailing of the caning make these chairs equal parts chic, rustic and so very French! A trifecta of design. Purchasing a new one of these beauties will set you back quite a few. I came across a beautiful pair online and it was 2 grand for the set! Ain’t no body got time for that!

But why buy new when everyone and their Aunt Nellie (I really had an Aunt Nellie) owned a pair of these in the 60’s or 70’s. Just like in fashion, what was old is new again in design as well. In fact these types of chairs are fairly common in garage sales, thrift stores and estate auctions. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at updating a pair of these beauties and possibly even trying to paint the upholstery. As luck would have it, a client reached out to me looking for a set of chairs for her boutique clothing and accessory shop. If you are in Cincinnati check out the Co Op in Maderia, featuring super cute things by Rablin Ritas.

The before

I now had an excuse to track down a pair for a makeover. And as I suspected it really didn’t take too long. I found this guy and his match on Facebook market place for $50 bucks, $25 a chair is my kind of price! The chairs were in great shape and exactly what I was looking for. The upholstery was a  really neutral color which was a bonus.

Painting a chair requires all the same techniques as painting any other piece, with the exception that is takes twice as long. I’m not really sure why, but chairs are incredibly time consuming! The cane parts of the chair made for an added challenge as the caneing is basically painted twice, when you have to do the front and back. To paint the caning I used a sponge tipped stencil brush and painted in a tapping motion.

Use a sponge tipped brush for the caining


Once the chair was painted the upholstery looked completely fresh next to the white painted chair, so I left it as is and I think that was for the best. Some distressing and waxing and the chairs are done! I added some white faux fur pillows I got at hobby lobby for a little extra punch of glam. I really just love the way they turned out.  These chairs look right at home in the boutique.

At the Co Op

But what I love most about these chairs is their versatility. They would look great at the end of a dinning room table, in a bed room and of course as added seating in a living room. The scale of these chairs are smaller as most vintage furniture is, so its easy to add to any room for lots of style without taking up a lot of space.

They had a little photo shoot before I had to part with them.

So the next time you are out thrifting or hunting at a garage sale or peaking around grandmas house pick up a set of these sweet, stylish and versatile chairs! Everybody loves a good makeover.

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