My front hall, with repurposed cd holder into Christmas card holder.

Not sure how it is in your family, but around here Christmas cards are a lot of work! No one (except me) ever wants to take the picture for the card. Lots of kicking and screaming and itching especially from my boys. And all I’m ever really asking them to wear are jeans for the love! Sweatpants and Under Armor are not Christmas card attire. Some time around Thanksgiving I start thinking about what the card should look like, I wait for a sunny weekend day but hope for a snowfall, that never happens. I coordinate the outfits, force everyone in them, usher everybody outside to the photo shoot location, have my sister race over to snap a few pictures, stop screaming, whining, and moaning long enough to put on a realistic as possible smile, four snaps of the camera, and I cross my fingers that one turned out decent, then everyone races back in the house to tear off their clothes and get back into their beloved sweat pants. This year we included the dog. He was the only one who didn’t complain.

I completely appreciate what was likely a less than pleasant experience to get that perfect Christmas card picture, and that was before you had to order address, stamp, lick and mail them. I know the blood sweat and tears that likely went into them long before I tore open the envelope, so the least I can do is display them in a cute way! Last year I was desperate for a tobacco basket to hang and tuck the cards in, I found one and hung it on a blank wall in our newly renovated kitchen.

The wreath in the middle really added to the rustic Christmas look.

We moved the basket to above the fireplace after Christmas last year and I really just didn’t want to mess with moving it back. So I was on the hunt for something else. My favorite place to hunt is my local thrift shop, its kind of crazy how much I like going there. The inventory changes daily and the prices make Big Lots look expensive. I love finding vintage and super unique things to repurpose and use in unexpected ways. I go there a lot, which is one of the reasons I feel like my house doesn’t look exactly like everyone else’s. And you know what, if I don’t love it in a few months, who cares because I’m not really out that much and I can redecorate, pretty much what I like doing anyway! So on my most recent hunt I saw this black metal cd holder that thrift shops have in high supply, because no one listens to CD’s anymore.

Unfortunately the Oak Ridge Boys CD did not come with mine.

The spacing and size make it a perfect card holder when used horizontally on a table top, and I kind of loved the geometric design. A complete transformation with a couple of sprays of paint, I opted for a matte cream, but I think it would also be super classy in gold. There are so many spray paint options out there from galvanized metal to the mercury glass look, just depends on how you  want it to fit in with the rest of your furnishings. I placed mine on a wooden dough bowl filled with pinecones for a layered look, and because I have a lot of stuff. I really like the simple clean design of it and how it makes it easy to pick up and look at each picture.

Super easy and affordable DIY card holder


So there you have it a super easy and seriously cheap DIY card holder to display your friends and family’s likely miserable afternoon, disguised as a cheerful Holiday card. I kid, sort of.


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